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CLASSIC COMFORT Casual | RefinedTransitional

style creates a welcoming and serene atmosphere by blending modern innovation with classic design. This style may reference details from the past, but there must be something new that makes it fresh and updated.

berenson pulls and knobs

UPTOWN APPEAL Sleek | Modern

Contemporary design showcases space and open floor plans. This style often has clean, sleek lines and is marked by solid neutral colors accented by bold punches of color. The intricate balance of bold yet simple is what makes this style so sophisticated.

Berenson pulls and knobs

TIMELESS CHARM Formal | Balanced

Traditional design spaces have a classic elegance created by using light and neutral colors that blend well with accent colors and accessories. This style often uses symmetry which adds to the formality of the space. Intricate details such as deep crown moldings and baseboards are most prevalent in traditional design settings.

Berenson pulls and knobs

ARTISAN INSPIRED Detailed | Craftsmanship

Artisan design emphasizes the beautiful details of quality craftsmanship. It favors older materials and a traditional atmosphere to create a time honored feel.

Berenson pulls and knobs

Jeffrey Alexander pulls and knobs