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Marsh Cabinets



Marsh Furniture offers cabinetry constructed of solid wood,
beautiful veneers, and laminated products. The natural woods and veneers are presented in four different species and multiple finish colors to suit your personal tastes. To further accentuate the natural beauty of these woods, glazing accents are offered on cherry and maple species. At Marsh Furniture Company, your satisfaction with our products is of utmost importance. It is for that reason we take this time to explain the specific natural characteristics and how they might appear in your cabinetry.

As one of nature’s most beautiful renewable resources, wood has certain characteristics that occur naturally as well as over time in a normal household environment. In the wood selected for our cabinets these natural features possess intrinsic degrees of varying grain character, small mineral streaks, and slight color variations. These inherent characteristics are considered acceptable and desirable attributes in quality wood cabinetry.

As with carpets, draperies and upholstery in the home, all species of wood exhibit color changes when exposed to different light sources and other environmental factors over time. Unfiltered sunlight is one of the most damaging factors to the surfaces of the cabinets. To help combat this, Marsh’s finishing process is engineered to provide protection to the greatest degree possible, however, certain changes will occur naturally. Please note that our finish and other construction aspects of our cabinets meet all of the stringent specifications of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA), which is considered the seal of approval of the cabinet industry.