Client Service is a process: One that begins upon initial contact and NEVER ends!

  • step1

    Step #1

    Begins with a phone call from you to set up a FREE initial consultation. We will discuss your needs for your remodeling or new construction project.

  • step2

    Step #2

    We will take measurements of existing walls, windows, doors, doorways, plumbing, heating/cooling vents and outlets.

  • step3

    Step #3

    We’ll also talk about pros and cons of cabinet and countertop options so you may make an informed decision.

  • step4

    Step #4

    All final decisions, final measurement of approved layout, signing of contract and deposit.

Depending upon contracting, flooring, plumbing and electrical changes needed this schedule can change. Normal down time for your kitchen is 1-4 weeks depending on complexity. Make sure you are prepared for this and PLEASE discuss this with your designer. Sometimes we are able to put in temporary countertops and sinks and hook up appliances to make your daily living a bit easier. Remodeling and building can be inconvenient, but the outcome is worth it. Cabinetry with TLC tries to schedule to limit your inconvenience as much as possible.

Basic Schedule is as follows:

  • Cabinets are ordered: 2-5 week lead-time

  • Construction work if needed

  • Cabinets arrive

  • Tear-out of old cabinetry and countertops occur (1-2 days)

  • Electrical rough-ins

  • Installation of cabinets (can be 1 day to 1 week, depending on job size)

  • Template of countertop (done as soon as base cabinets are set)

  • 2-3 week lead-time on countertop installation

  • Plumbing/appliance re-hook

  • Final tweaking and finishing touches done


Create a home that truly works for you and your family.